Eagle Rock Nursery Bulk-priced Garden Seed

If you’re growing vegetables, herbs, or flowers, check out our seed selection. Our brand of garden seed is a collection of varieties that are proven to grow in the Eastern Idaho climate. We purchase thousands of pounds in bulk, package it right here in our store, and pass the savings on to you. You’ll save up to 60% (sometimes more) compared to national brands, garden catalogs, and websites. For over 20 years gardeners have been relying on our high quality seed for successful gardens, visit us today to start saving.

Vegetable, Herb, & Flower Seed

Our garden seed department is filled varieties for our climate plus unique seeds like vegetables & herbs that work well in container gardens, seeds for sprouting, perennial flower seed, wildflower seed, grass seed, and more. Visit us to see what’s in stock today.

Grass Seed

If you’re planting a new lawn or filling in spots you’ll find grass seed in bulk. Our selection includes Kentucky Blugrass, grass for shade, pasture grass, and specialty blends. We also sell large quantities of grass seed for big projects. Visit us for more information.

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