Planting a new lawn

Planting a New Lawn

Follow these steps for planting a new lawn. Once a lawn is planted, you have to live with the results for a long time so spend a little extra time to prepare. Our #1 rule: start with great grass seed. Even though grass seed looks the same, bargain grass seed may produce a low quality lawn. We only sell top quality seed that is proven to grow a great lawn.

1. Prepare the ground
Remove debris and weeds and then level the ground
Add compost and/or topsoil if necessary and rake area until smooth
Apply Ferti-lome New Lawn Starter to promote rapid root growth.
Follow directions on the package.

2. Plant the grass seed
Spread seed with a fertilizer spreader or hand seed smaller areas.
Lightly rake, so seed is barely covered. Mulch or compost is optional.

3. Keep area moist
Water after planting, then 1-3 times approximately 20 minutes per day
(depending on weather conditions) until you see new grass emerge,
Water long enough to get the soil wet, but don’t let puddles form
because it may wash seed away.

Controlling Weeds
Before preparing the soil, spray Killzall over the area to kill existing weeds. Then, wait 14 days before preparing the ground or planting seed. Follow instructions on label. For tips and methods to control weeds, visit our website.
After new grass emerges from the soil, weeds may grow faster than the grass. However, after some time, the grass will thrive and eliminate most weeds. Don’t spray weeds until you’ve mowed 3-4 times, and follow instructions for new lawns on weed control products.

Watering & Care
Once grass is established, you should water every 2-3 days in the summer, or less in cooler weather. Generally, water 1/2” each time, but that can vary depending on your soil, wind, and air temperature.
Fertilize your lawn 40 days after planting with Fertilome New Lawn Starter, and then begin following our 4 Step Lawn Program.

Don’t forget these products that will ensure success

Fertilome New Lawn Starter
Formulated with extra phosphate to help the roots get established fast. Using it will give you great results. Follow instructions on bag.

Fertilizer Spreader
A good sprinkler and hose
Eagle Rock Nursery Lawn Program


Eagle Rock Nursery Premium Bluegrass Seed
Our best grass seed! We blend 4 different award-winning bluegrass varieties known for their deep green color, dense growth, drought tolerance, and disease resistance. It germinates fast and performs well under summer heat stress. 3-4 lbs. covers 1,000 sq. ft.

Common Kentucky Grass Seed
Good for matching existing lawn or filling in bare patches. Medium green color. A popular economical seed. 3-4 lbs. covers 1,000 sq. ft.

Deep Shade Mix Grass Seed
Blended with three types of grass that perform well in dense shade. A beautiful dark green color, even in cool weather. This is also disease resistant. 4 lbs. covers 1,000 sq. ft.