Benefits of Soil Activator Humates

Soil Activator Humates is an all natural product from Natural Guard.  You may have used it on your lawn in the spring to help decompose the thatch and green up the grass.  If you haven’t used it in your vegetable gardens and planting beds, you’re missing out.  You can get the same great results in other areas of your yard.   In fact, “Humic substances (Humates) are recognized by most soil scientists and agronomists as the most important component of a healthy, fertile soil” according to Dr.. Robert Pettit, Texas A&M University.  Try some today and you’ll see the difference all year long.

Benefits for all plants

-Humates “unlock” nutrients that are already in your soil, making them available to plants. This produces effects similar to fertilizer, increased root growth, increased plant & stem growth, and dark green leaves.

-They hold nutrients in a usable form and release them to the growing plant as needed. This makes the benefits of fertilizer last longer.

-Humates increase the water holding capacity of soil which helps plants tolerate drought better.

-In heavy clay soils, it makes soil easier to work with and helps correct drainage problems.

-They stimulate microbial activity in the soil. Healthier soil then makes healthier plants.

Additional Benefits for the Lawn

-Promotes decomposition of grass clippings and thatch, turning them into valuable nutrients for your lawn.

-It will enhance the benefits of fertilizer when applied to a lawn right after fertilizing. You shouldn’t replace fertilizing with Soil Activator, but use them both to ensure long lasting, uniform effects on your lawn.

-Doesn’t increase the need for mowing

-Helps your lawn resist damaging insects by creating healthy, strong grass.

-Excellent in helping newly planted seed thrive.

Additional Benefits for the Vegetable Garden

-Stimulates seed germination of several varieties of crops

-Increases efficiency of the root system, resulting in higher plant yields (Tomato varieties have increased up to 25%)

-Reduces need to rotate crops-Increases sugar & nutrient content in vegetables (makes them sweeter)

-Helps speed up decomposition of compost piles and tilled in matter.

How to Use Soil Activator

Some have described humates as 50 million year old compressed compost. Just like using compost in a garden, the longer you use it, the better your soil will become. We recommend applying it 1-2 times a year.

For your lawn, use it anytime between March and May.  You can get even better results if you apply fertilome Greenmaker Fertilizer the same day.  A second application can be made in the fall.  It’s also great to use when seeding a new lawn.

For planting areas, apply when you are preparing the soil for planting or in fall.

Visit us today to learn more.  In  Many factors can effect the results of humates so results may vary based on soil conditions & types of plants applied to. Read and follow all instructions on the bag before using.

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