Watering Tips

Tips for Watering Plants

Proper methods for watering plants are essential for survival.  How often and how much to water depends on soil conditions, weather, plant variety, and more.  Here a few tips to help determine the best watering techniques.

Flowerbeds & Veggie Gardens

The best way to water flowers is slowly and at the base of plants.  This will help develop deep roots.  Sprinkling leaves of plants can promote fungus from growing, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you’re watering early in the day.  Adding a layer mulch, like Soil Pep Bark Mulch or Compost can actually help hold moisture in flowerbeds and veggie gardens.  Place mulch around plants approximately 2″ deep.

Pots & Containers

During the warmer summer months, most containers require daily watering.  On hot, windy days, you may even need to water twice a day.  Feel the soil and water when its dry.  In cooler months, watering may only be required a couple times per week.  Starting with a good soil like our Complete Potting Mix will help keep plants evenly moist.

Trees & Shrubs

For newly planted trees and shrubs, water daily.  We water all our trees and shrubs daily by filling up the pot to the top.  Once planted, water slow and thoroughly every day for the first few weeks.  After that, water a couple times a week for until the fall.   You want to keep soil consistently moist without being soggy.  You also don’t want soil to be dry or dusty under the surface.

For mature trees, thoroughly water by letting a hose slowly run under the trees.  You can leave it on for 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the tree.   It is always a good idea to soak trees after a windy day.


Most lawns in our area are Kentucky Bluegrass or a blend that includes Kentucky Bluegrass.  Lawns should be watered 1-2″ of water per week.  The easiest way to determine how much water your sprinklers are watering is to put a few tuna fish cans in the area and see how long it takes to get 1/2″ of water.  During the cooler spring and fall months, you’ll need to water plants less often.  It is best to water in the morning.  If you water too frequently, it can make your lawn more susceptible to stress  injury and disease.

If you have any questions about watering, feel free to contact us for more information.