Bring The Holidays Home

Deck Your Halls & Your Porch With Greenery
The look of fresh handmade wreaths, garlands, and stems is a perfect way to make your home more festive. For the outdoors, create a festive look with a traditional wreath on the door or garland around the edge. You can even brighten it up with battery operated lights and decorations approved for outdoor use. Greenery, garlands, and wreaths work well indoors and smell great too. For the last few years we’ve been creating holiday porch pot arrangements. Pots full of arranged greens and stems are a unique way to make your porch more welcoming. Create an arrangement of various natural elements like pine, fir, willow, and dogwood. Then add decor, lights, and natural elements to finish off the look. For more information on creating festive porch pots, pick up a flyer from the nursery.

The Scent of a Fresh-cut Tree
Many people want the smell of a fresh cut tree, even if they have an artificial tree in their home. We’ve searched and searched for a true fresh-cut fir fragrance. It seems like there are a million fragrances that claim to smell like fresh fir, but they fall short. Many smell too much like pine cleaner or simply smell fake. The smell of the Frasier Fir by Thymes smell exactly like a Christmas tree. The Thymes Company makes candles, fragrance mists, soaps, lotions, and more with this scent. Many people that come into the nursery during the holidays mistake the smell for our fresh-cut trees. This scent has had rave reviews, like “It immediately makes your house smell like the best Christmas tree you’ve ever had.” Frasier Fir by Thymes is the perfect way to bring the holidays into your home and also makes a great gift. Stop by the nursery and give it a smell.

Flowers and Plants for Indoors
Blooming paperwhites and amaryllis have always been a great way to bring color indoors. The stark white flowers of paperwhites are always gorgeous and easy to grow. You begin with paperwhite bulbs, plant in soil or even rocks, add water, and watch them grow. I prefer a variety called “Inbal” that has a mild fragrance and more blossoms. Amaryllis bulbs are grown the same way. The bulbs can be planted in soil or even water and are easy to grow. They grow 18-24” tall and have 4-5 huge trumpet shaped flowers on top. Red is the most common but pink, white, and even lime green are available. There are also double blossom varieties.
We also have a full selection of poinsettias and houseplants for indoors. They are a great way to bring nature into your home for the holidays.