Nurture, Protect, & Control

What is the best way to feed your flowers? How can you prevent bugs in your trees? What kills quack-grass? These are just a few questions our local garden health experts can help you with. We carry a full selection of products for pest control, weed control, and fertilizers specifically for Eastern Idaho. You’ll also find organic solutions like organic lawn fertilizer, organic Shot Plant Booster, and beneficial insects. Visit us today to find solutions for your yard.

  • Bonide
  • Dr. Earth
  • Fertilome
  • Natural Guard
  • Shot Plant Booster

Premium Lawn Care Program


If you’re wondering what your neighbor with the perfect lawn uses, come to Eagle Rock Nursery and pick up your Premium Lawn Care Program Today.

  • Create a gorgeous green lawn & eliminate weeds
  • Save money by applying it yourself
  • Formulated for local soil conditions
  • Trusted locally for over 30 years

            Read & follow instructions on bags

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