Successful Garden Soil

garden_soilSuccessful vegetable gardens and flower gardens must start with great soil and it’s easy as one two three.

Start out by amending your soil. The best way is to add our nutrient-rich all natural Planting Compost. This isn’t your ordinary compost. It’s weed free and full of well-balanced nutrients.  This blended compost was developed by us to use when planting or preparing soil.  It also helps add texture to soil. We use it here when planting our flowerbeds. For more information, next time you visit the nursery, ask about our Natural Planting Compost.

The second step to amazing soil is adding a product containing Humates (hue-mates), Natural Guard Soil Activator. Many people use it on lawns to break down dead grass clippings. According to Robert Pettit from Texas A&M University, “Humic substances (Humates) are recognized as the most important component of a healthy, fertile soil.” Humates help improve the flavor of vegetables, make them more nutritious, and increase yields up to 70%. These are only a few of the many benefits of Humates.  Learn more in our store or look for the Soil Activator article on our website.

The third step is using a product containing mycorrhizae, commonly referred to as Myke. Mycorrhizae helps plants grow more hair-like fine roots. This helps plants become established faster, tolerate drought, and absorb more nutrients. That results in a faster growing, healthier plant. Apply Myke directly to the roots when planting. It’s also great to use when starting seeds.

These products help correct common soil problems found in our area. If you have hard clay soil, Natural Planting Compost will loosen the soil structure, Humates help water penetrate better, and the roots grown from using Myke are proven to break up hard clay soils. If you have powdery soil compost improves texture and increases nutrients, Humates improves plant quality, and Myke helps plants become established faster.When planting any type of vegetable garden these products are ideal.  They are also perfect for annual flowers, perennial flowers, trees, and shrubs.

A few years ago in our greenhouse, we experimented to see what a difference these three products would make. We planted two tomato plants side by side and the results were astounding. The plant we used compost, Humates, and Myke on required less water, produced ripe tomatoes earlier, larger fruit, and 40% more tomatoes. There were so many comments about this experiment and feedback from people that used the products and loved the results. Now, whenever we plant anything- trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, or seeds we use all three.

You work hard in your garden, improve your garden soil and make it work for you.