Lawn Care Program

Our Lawn Care Program gives you simple steps to have a great lawn.


  • Create a gorgeous green lawn & eliminate weeds
  • Save money by applying it yourself
  • Formulated for local soil conditions
  • Trusted locally for over 30 years

            Read & follow instructions on bags


Early Spring: Greenmaker

Greenmaker gives your lawn that quick boost of green it needs after winter. It also has long-lasting green power to maintain that gorgeous green color. It is rich in iron and sulphur to help our alkaline soil.


Early Spring: Natural Guard Soil Activator

Soil Activator enhances & prolongs the effects of the other fertilizers. It also helps decompose “thatch” & turns it into nutrients, making soil more fertile. Use this the same day as Greenmaker for best results.


May: Weed Out Plus Fertilizer

(Apply more than 6 weeks after Greenmaker),Weed Out controls over 200 types of weeds (including dandelions) plus feeds your grass. Important: get your lawn wet before applying so the weed killer can stick on the weeds. Then allow the lawn to remain dry for 24-48 hours, giving the weed killer time to work.


July: Lawn Food Plus Iron

Lawn Food Plus Iron is formulated with slow release nitrogen to help your lawn survive the heat of summer. Don’t forget, you should use Kill a Grub in July as well.


Late September or October: Winterizer

Winterizer helps your lawn prepare for a cold winter. It strengthens the stems and promotes winter hardiness. Your grass will also store nutrients and release them in spring.



Fertilome Fertilizers

Fertilome has been creating fertilizers for 50 years. Their high quality products are the most effective we’ve found. That’s why we’ve been using them for over 30 years.


A Good Spreader

A “broadcast” spreader is recommended for fertilizer. This type of spreader broadcasts a wide path of fertilizer.


Weed Free Zone

Fertilome Weed Free Zone is great for controlling any lawn weeds that may pop up. It is formulated to work fast and completely kill dandelions and other nuisance weeds.


Kill a Grub

Use Hi Yield Kill a Grub the first of May and again in July to prevent Grub damage. Damage looks like dead spots that don’t improve with water. They appear in July and August.


Mole & Vole Repellent

Voles damage lawn over winter. You may notice dead trails after the snow melts in spring. Use this to prevent damage.


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