Starting Seeds Indoors

1. Before you begin planting, add some water to Fertilome Seed Mix to pre-moisten it. This will prevent seeds getting washed away with the first watering. Next, fill the tray packs or containers with the seed mix.


2. Create a small hole for the seeds, according to seed planting instructions. Add a small pinch of MYKE Root Inoculant in each hole.


3. Place seeds in the soil. For smaller seed, place 3-5 seeds per container or some larger seed may need its own container. Then cover with soil.


4. Cover the planting tray with a clear plastic dome. Place in a warm spot away from direct sunlight.


5. The soil shouldn’t require much water until the seeds have sprouted. Check daily to see if soil is damp. You don’t want the soil to become soggy so only water when dry.


6. Once seeds begin to sprout, open the vents on the plastic dome or take it off for part of the day. If there is too much moisture, it can cause mold to grow.


7. Adding a grow light will give plants a boost. Sunblaster brand lights give off the best type of light for plants to grow. Plants tend to grow towards sunlight so rotate pots daily to keep plants growing upright.


8. 2-3 weeks after sprouting or when plants are 2-3” tall, thin out seedlings by removing some of the seedlings so there are 1-3 per pot, depending on variety of seed. This will give the remaining plants room to grow.


9. Once the true leaves have formed and you’ve thinned the plants, begin feeding them. Use Fertilome Gardener’s Special fertilizer weekly at the lighter rate. Follow instructions on package.


10. Watch the plants grow, keep the soil moist, and transplant into larger pots if plants become too big.


11. Soon it will be time to transplant them outdoors. Follow our garden planting guide for approximate dates. Before planting them, place the starts outside for about an hour on a day without wind. The next day, repeat this for 2 hours. The third day, four hours, then four hours the next day. This process will “harden off” the plants so they will be ready for their new environment.



Eagle Rock Nursery Garden Seed

Our brand of top quality seed consists of varieties proven to perform in our climate. We buy it in bulk, package it locally, and pass the savings on to you. You can save up to 60% compared to national brands.


Fertilome Seed & Cutting Mix

This lightweight mix is specifically designed to promote root development in young plants. It holds moisture without getting soggy. Starting Containers Start seeds in tray packs, individual pots, or peat pellets.


MYKE Root Innoculant

Kickstart your seeds and create healthier plants with MYKE. It helps plants absorb nutrients and water from the soil so they are more vigorous. It stays with plants for their entire life.


Sunblaster Grow Lights

Provide your starts with proper lighting to ensure the best growth. Sunblaster lights are full spectrum and last for a long time.


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Seed Starting Guide